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Image by Chad Madden

Caring For your Christmas TRee

Follow our comprehensive guide on how to look after your Christmas Tree


As Christmas trees are living, like anything they will eventually die, however if you follow these steps you will maximise the lifespan of your tree. 


  1. Cut 1/2 inch off the bottom of your tree, make sure it's straight and avoid trimming the sides to make it fit into your stand.

  2. Ensure you put your tree into a water holding stand within an hour of cutting the base, this ensures the tree does not seal itself with Sap and will drink water.

  3. Add water to your stand, trees can drink up to 2 litres a day and even more on the first few days. This is also relative to the temperature of your room; the hotter it is the more water your tree will drink.​

  4. Keep your tree away from any major source of heat, radiators and open fires are the biggest culprits of prematurely killing your tree.

  5. Low heat lights such as LEDs are also a bonus.

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